What You Should Know About Giclee Art Prints

A giclee (pronounced gee-clay) is a relatively new form of art reproduction. They came into their own in the 1990′s with the evolution of the digital computer age.A giclee reproduction simply must be seen to be fully appreciated. Words alone cannot fully describe how impressive it is and fine art galleries across the country are raving this form of art reproduction.Giclee prints render deep, saturated colors and have a beautiful quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. Every brush stroke of the original painting is apparent. While, giclees use inkjet technology, this is far more sophisticated than your desktop printer. The process employs six colors–light cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black–of lightfast, pigmented inks and finer, more numerous, and replaceable printheads resulting in a wider color gamut, and the ability to use various media to print on.Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. This creates a whole new vibrant medium for prints from slides, exceptional quality and detail in both color and black and white enlargements. They can be printed on any number of media, but mainly in canvas and paper. Giclees are superior to traditional lithography in nearly every way. The colors are brighter, last longer, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually ‘continuous tone’, rather than tiny dots.Giclees are a win-win for everyone, artist and collector. They make good quality artwork affordable for everyone, and the artist can have multiple affordable giclee images to sell of popular paintings, which in turn escalates the price of the original. They are produced one at a time. Depending on their size, this intricate printing process can take up to an hour or more for each print.Sizes of a giclee may vary slightly depending on the original painting. Giclees are superior to lithography because their colors are brighter and last longer. These prints make wonderful, thoughtful, distinctive gifts. A giclee print has all the vibrancy and detail of the original but is priced at 10% of the original, for the same size. For the collector, giclee prints are an elegant addition to any works that one may have on paper.Giclee prints are found in museums, art galleries, and private collections around the world. They were originally developed as a proofing system for lithograph printing process, but it became apparent that the presses were having a hard time delivering the quality and the color of the giclee proofs. They evolved into the darlings of the art world.Sometimes, giclees are used when the original painting is too fragile for exhibition since they render very closely to the original work of art. They rarely exceed over a hundred reproductions especially since they are produced one at a time.Artists at all levels and in a wide variety of media are creating prints using giclee technology, and more are discovering digital printmaking every day. Buyers, attracted by the high quality and dynamic reproduction of giclees, have triggered a giclee explosion; while the fine art print market increases by about three percent annually, the giclee market is growing at more than 60 percent annually.Even though the general overall US economy is slowing, the giclee market shows no signs of letting up.

Hints and Tips For Your Small Garden


Starting a garden is an exciting project in itself. We often see large country houses with wonderful large gardens. However, if you have limited space, a small garden can be a wonderful addition to any home as well. Here are some hints and tips to get you started on your own small garden project.Adding wall fountains to your small gardenWall fountains are excellent additions to any gardens that are tight on space. The variety of wall fountains to choose from are boundless. From classical Greek figures to modern art forms, the choice is yours. Most wall fountain spills water into a basin underneath which a small pump is located. Made of terra cotta, plastic, fiberglass, cast concrete or metal, you can choose the right material to blend in to your small garden. A great hint is to install the wall fountain on a wall where you are able to switch the wall fountain on and off at will from inside your home. Although it will be more work for you but the end result is fantastic and you save yourself some hassle.Adding a tree to your small gardenIt is often said that nothing can set the atmosphere of a garden faster a tree, and that goes for small gardens too. Thus, it is of paramount importance to choose the right tree. Otherwise, you will spend years lamenting your poor decision. Since your garden is on a small scale, do not go for large trees. To select the right trees, it is often a good idea to see what thrives locally in other parks and gardens. Most probably they will do well in your garden if they thrive in your neighbourhood. If you do not know the name of the trees you saw, it is a good idea to snap a few pictures of it and visit some public parks and arboretums to identify it. Most of these places label their trees, simplifying your task. Another get hint is to ask small garden owners about the trees in their garden. I guarantee that people who enjoy their garden will be happy to share advices.Bougainvillea is not for any small gardenBougainvillea is a plant highly suited to a hot, dry climate. Other than its wonderful colours, another advantage is that once established, minimal irrigation is all that is needed for this hardy plant. However, this does not mean it is requires no maintenance. It has a habit to sprawl when planted in the ground, making an untidy mess in small gardens. It is more advisable to grow it on a wall or fence, tying it to a support structure.Bougainvillea growing is a labor intensive activity which makes it not suitable for people who have no time for garden maintenance, especially small gardens where it needs to neat and not cluttered to the brim. However, if grown correctly, the Bougainvillea will add a special touch to your own small garden.Planning for your small gardenThe best advice to give someone starting a small garden is to keep it neat and simple. Refrain from growing exotic and unusual plants. Reserve your creativity to the layout of your small garden. Make sure you have done your research on the height of the plants you wish to grow, or you can ask about it when you are at a plant nursery. After getting our plants and reaching home, position the plants in the potential locations they will be planted in your future garden area and try to visualize the results. Rearrange the plants until you feel good about it. This visualizing exercise will save you a lot of trouble replanting later on.

Pepper Spray Especially Designed for Safety On or At the Water or Dock


These days criminals are out for anything that has value-objects that can be sold or pawned for quick money be it for drugs, gas, etc. They look to areas and locations that appear like there will be objects of value to be taken-luxury homes and vehicles, businesses that sell high dollar items that can be picked up quickly and stolen easily. Besides home and businesses, they also look at high dollar recreational vehicles such as RV’s and Boats. Boats can be a thief’s goldmine as they are relatively unattended much of the time, yet there can be high dollar equipment on these boats such as radios, depth finders, fishing equipment, etc. which doesn’t come cheap, and much more. In fact, one of the new trends in robbery is precisely at docks and at waterfronts where thieves have much less danger of being caught and more open range for their criminal activities.That is why there is a new personal security weapon made especially for the water or for water front activities and that is Pepper Gel Maritime. This pepper product is made of a thick gel like formula so that if there is any wind in the area, the user isn’t in danger of having the pepper product blowing back onto them. Pepper Gel Maritime has the same effects as a pepper spray but the safety of the gel form which protects the user from any back wind effect. The product comes in a canister with a pistol grip handle and safety pin that prevents accidental discharge. This is especially handy when boating and equipment can roll around or get tossed around the boat and no one would want the pepper gel going off accidentally. It has an effective range of up to 25 feet so one does not need to get too close to their assailant.There is pepper spray or pepper weapons for cars, homes, jogging, and personal use to name a few, and now there is a pepper weapon made especially for use with boating and water sports. So the next time you think about spending a day fishing, waterskiing, or having fun any other way on the water, don’t forget to pack the Pepper Gel Maritime along with the sunscreen and other supplies-it might be the best thing you ever packed if you come across the need for protection!Now the Pepper Gel Maritime is great for protection if one comes into contact with an assailant but what about those times when your boat is unattended. These are the times when thieves take the opportunity to come aboard and take your electronics and other high dollar items. This is when a surveillance or security camera comes in handy. These security cameras can be mounted for best viewing range and depending on the type you choose, can be used in night as well as daytime lighting and in various weather conditions. Certain camera models are especially made for all-weather conditions. Recent events have been written in newspapers and magazines about the value of video surveillance for catching criminals and having a boat in a secluded area is all the more reason to have a security camera installed in order to keep an eye on your boat and equipment. Most cameras can be installed to be displayed on video giving you the opportunity for real time monitoring of your boat when desired. Security experts can help you find the best camera to meet your needs. So before you go to enjoy a day of boating only to find your boat has fallen victim to thieves, get a security camera and make sure you have a monitoring system that keeps an eye on your possessions 24 hours a day!

Holistic Health Care Provides Wholesome Lifestyle Approach To Wellness

The concept of holistic health care, although principled in ancient healing traditions, has gained in popularity since the 1970s. The term “holism,” initially coined by Jan Christian Smuts early in the twentieth century, is defined as “a philosophy that views living organisms as different from, and greater than the sum of their parts.”As traditional medicine evolved into a practice whereby specific health maladies could be treated with the latest discoveries in drugs or other technological advances, holistic practices went out the window. Much like taking a car to an automotive clinic, the widespread belief was that health issues could simply be “fixed,” no matter what their causes. Unhealthy lifestyles burgeoned in the wake of modern medical advances, as sources outside the body were blamed for the development of undesirable health outcomes.Today, holistic traditions are alive and well, as societies have seen the health ravages brought about or aided by various lifestyle factors. Holistic health principals dictate that wellness is a daily process, brought about, or aggravated by everyday living choices. Holistic health practitioners espouse the concepts of prevention and development of high levels of well-being, while treating diseases or chronic conditions by accounting for the person as a whole.The combined effect of heredity, quality of medical care and environment on human health is just over fifty percent. This leaves just less than half of health effects attributable to lifestyle decisions that we make during our lifetime. This means that although we may not be in complete control of the factors that affect our health, our own decisions are responsible for the largest portion of the state of wellness that we experience.Body, mind, and spirit are health aspects to be taken into consideration, when designing a holistic treatment approach. Those who embrace holistic health principals must accept greater responsibility for their own health and well-being, than traditional medical patients. They must partner with their health care providers to create physical, mental and spiritual balance using holistic methods. Together doctor and patient will seek harmony in a variety of holistic health areas, including nutrition, environment and emotional, psychological and spiritual stability. Self-care is a vital component of successful holistic health care.Holistic methodology focuses on the relationship between the underlying cause of the disease or condition, and its effects. Efforts are made to restore balance, or treat causation or symptoms, without the use of surgery or traditional drug therapies. Holistic remedies may include:*Dietary changes*Medicinal herbs*Nutritional supplementation*Cleansing techniques*Massage*Acupuncture*Oxygen therapy*Homeopathic medicineThe use of holistic health techniques or remedies requires the patient to become adept at reading their body’s reaction to treatment. Trial and error may be involved in finding the best treatment. Responding to progress or lack of it is paramount in attaining optimal results.The use of holistic health methods broadens the spectrum of available treatment options, and can be used as a supplement to traditional health care possibilities. Although the risks inherent in traditional treatments are not experienced with non-traditional holistic techniques, risks are still associated with holistic practice. As with any form of medical treatment, side-effects and individual limitations must be regarded with caution.The key to successful holistic health outcomes is a trusted partnership with a qualified holistic practitioner, and the ability to make self-care decisions based on this relationship, as well as one’s own intuition.

How To Get Commercial Construction Loan Financing – Even During a Dismal Economic Downturn

Just the other day, I heard a rather prominent commercial real estate mortgage industry insider (who wishes to remain anonymous) utter something like: “Sorry guys, no commercial lenders are making loans for commercial construction financing these days in this dismal economic downturn.” No wonder that industry insider wants to remain anonymous! He ought to because it seems to me that when executives start to parrot what they hear in the news media, they actually cause the doom and gloom that doesn’t really exist @ all before they proclaim it. Anyway, rest assured that you can get commercial construction loan financing – if you know where to look…Perhaps where he comes from, commercial construction financing is hard to come by, but he was undoubtedly referring to traditional commercial real estate lenders. Now don’t get me wrong, conventional commercial lenders do have a solid rationale for being reluctant to provide construction loan financing: “In a down economy, lots of standing (existing) real estate sits vacant or unsold on the market. So, why the heck should we finance new construction?”OK, we get their point, but there are still a lot of good solid new construction projects out there that need to be funded, and yours may just be one of them. If so, private commercial construction loan financing is where it’s at. Here’s what it is, why you may need it, and how you can get access to $250,000 to $500 million in the ideal combination of private commercial mortgage loans and up to 100% joint venture equity capital…Private Commercial Construction Loan Financing DefinedFirst of all, let’s define what a commercial construction loan actually is. Private commercial construction loans are typically short-term interim recourse commercial loans from non-bank sources (e.g. private investment firms, individual investors, hedge funds, etc) to finance construction costs. In a typical case, the lender would advance construction funds to you as the builder at periodically at set intervals as the work progresses. By “recourse”, we’re referring to loans where the lender may seek to recover money in addition to real property that the borrow pledges as collateral in the event of a loan default.Why You May Need Private Money To Fund Your Commercial Construction DealsPerhaps the toughest issue that we as commercial real estate investors and owners face–especially within this challenging economy is locating financing when our credit scores, resumes, and/or financial statements are less than stellar. Private lenders and equity capital financiers can work with you to find or devise the ideal combination of debt & equity to finance your commercial construction project. Plus, these private capital sources have much greater flexibility, can offer you more creative financing options, and they can fund your deals with eye-popping speed and efficiency.How You Can Access Private Commercial Construction Loans and Equity Capital FinancingBased upon the information that you have just read, if you feel that either private commercial mortgage finance or private equity capital finance sources are appropriate for your new commercial construction real estate ventures, please just keep in mind that you certainly can get access to the most appropriate form of commercial construction loan financing for your business – as long as you know just where to look for it.